Scallycat Kittens, witches & Fairys

Welcome to the magical world of the Scallycat kittens. Scallycats are magical ally cats, they roam the streets by day as an ordinary cats but as soon as the moon comes up the costumes are on and it’s party time till dawn. Here you will find the fun loving Jesters and Clowns and of course the magical fairys and witches….Whom ever you choose to adopt you can be sure that you have given a home to a magical piece of mischief!!!

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Milou the circus cat is 11 inches tall and created from hand dyed orange German mohair with tabby hand markings. He is five way cotter pin jointed with a wired pose able tail. Milou has a stunning hand shaded face set with beautiful hand painted glass bright green eyes finished with elegant long nylon whiskers. His pussy cat pink embroidered and sculptured nose has been waxed, he has dark brown embroidered claws which compliment his aged orange velvet cashmere paw pads. Milou is filled with polyester and steel shot for a nice weight.
This adorable little circus clown cat wears a handmade costume made by myself, his clown hat is created from brown wood felt finished with red pom pom’s, around his neck he has a hand made ruff finished with chocolate pom pom’s and on his feet he wears an adorable pair of hand made real leather cream shoes finished with red pom pom’s.
Milou is one of a kind and comes with his certificate of authenticity.
£500.00 Plus Postage

Sultan     SALE

Magical Sultan is 11 inches tall and created from hand dyed pale autumn golds and purple mixed colour ratinee German mohair, he is five way cotter pin jointed with a wired pose able tail. Sultans face has been scissor and needle sculpted with hand shading, he has bright piercing green hand painted glass eyes . He has long nylon whiskers. His mauve pussy cat nose has been waxed and sculptured. He has dark brown embroidered and waxed claws which compliment his blush velvet cashmere paw pads. Sultan is filled with polyester and lots of steel shot for a nice weighty cat.
Sultan wears a magic cloak hand made from black velvet cotton, lined with colourful metallic shooting stars satin and an orange feather collar, it is edges with silver braid speckled with clourful glitter stars and finished with a rope collar and two metal crescent moon buttons. His wizard hat is made to match. Sultan has a very fetching silver and jet stone earing which he says is magical. Sultan comes with his own real hand made magic wand, Halloween pumpkin and magic spell books. I’m not sure how good he is at magic, last time I saw him he seemed to be doing some sort of a spell over the pumpkin…Probably trying to turn it in to a coach…
Sultan is one of a kind and comes with his certificate of authenticity.
£295.00 Plus Postage   SALE  (Was £425.00)