Pandas, Jesters & Clown Bears


Bring on the Clowns and Jesters and chuck in a gorgeous Panda to tickle your fancy and put a smile on your face these fun loving little characters are designed to brighten up your day….


Eggnog Panda Bear is 11 inches tall and created from black and ivory soft dense German mohair. He is five way cotter pin jointed with a wobble joint neck. His stunning face has been needle and scissor sculpted, his eyes are black glass, he has hand shading for an all over aged and loved look. His embroidered jet black nose has been waxed to match his waxed claws which compliment his aged cream velvet cashmere paw pads. He has been filled with wood wool and steel shot in his body and paws for a lovely cuddly weight.
This adorable Panda if fully equipped for the festive season, wearing a stunning double layer hand made ruff of red silk velvet adorned with gold berries laid over bright Christmas green shimmering organza. Around his head he wears a stunning hand made festive crown created with very delicate lacquered vintage holly leaves, vintage Cranberries and complimentary festive berries.
Eggnog is one of a kind and comes with his certificate of authenticity.