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Covid-19….It is business as usual here at Samantha-jane Bears, I work from home and the internet so am safe and well and am still able to post creations out to you.
Please stay home, stay safe and well and enjoys some bears :0) Big Bear hugs to you all XXXX


Welcome to my magical world of Bears and kittens…..

I have had the pleasure of designing and making my own bears since 1997. Many hours go into planning and making my creations with the hope of putting a smile on someone’s face and bringing a little of my magic to your world.  Each bear and kitten in my collection is one of a kind and comes with his or her certificate of authenticity.

2014 Introduced my new collection of traditional bears….Inspired by a lovely old 1903 pattern I have given them a magical modern twist of my own.

The award winning kittens are exclusive and there is often a waiting list for them these days, but the odd one slips through and is available for adoption from the web site so please keep calling by.

It’s all about playing dress up and having fun this year…….

2018 introduced the stunning Scallylord Wizards……….The magical lord who knows how to teach a Witch a lesson!!!

And girls with vintage pearls….well it just has to be done doesn’t it…..


2019 has introduced the Samantha-jane Bunny…Just had to go hoping mad with this new design….


I hope you enjoy browsing through my website, should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me samanthajanebears@outlook.com


Samantha-jane xx


Samantha-jane Bears Website Christmas Show

Friday 3rd December 2021

9.00pm (GMT) until 9.00pm (GMT)Saturday 4th December

Here on the website on the show page

Brand new never seen before creations created for this show!!!!!
Looking forward to seeing you…..

Samantha-jane xx

All enquires please email me at samanthajanebears@outlook.com