Scallycat couture & Scallylords & Bunny’s

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Scallycouture is the cream of the cat society, they are beautiful and egar to show off their fine rich costumes which have been created in designer quality. These cats have been individually designed sometimes taking months to create from the finest fabrics and trimmings founds to cats. Scallylords are made with the same affection and are the rulers of the Scallycat world, it is a honour to be in the grand company of a Scallylord and if adopting one should be taken into account.
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Woodstock is 11 inches tall (without ears and stand) and created from a one off piece of hand dyed spring green with lime tint German mohair and a hand dyed yellow tummy wavy German mohair. He is five way cotter pin jointed. His ears are wired and posable and have blush velvet cashmere inners. His carrot munching face has been needle and scissor sculpted with long nylon whiskers, his eyes are black glass, he has hand shading for an all over bunny look and a cream alpaca fluffy tail. His embroidered chocolate nose has been waxed to match his waxed claws which compliment his mustard yellow velvet cashmere paw pads. He has been filled with polyester and weighted with steel shot.
A very colourful addition to the party goers, Woodstock pulled out all the stops to make sure he gets noticed (bit silly as Bears and Cats like a bunny sandwich). Woodstocks colourful jacket is created from physadelic cotton and lined with mustard gold indian brocade, it’s finished with a large colourful flower and he’s brought his own speacially seasoned lunch with him tied to the back of his jacket. His beautiful lined waistcoat is hot pink banarasi silk ad compliments his turquoise cravat in the same fabric. Woodstock wears a hand made flame orange cotton velvet top hat finished with a faded blue silk sash. For a full summer pose he has a pair of hand made oversized blue lense sunglasses (I’m not a spec maker but I’ve had a go :0). To finish his eccentric look he has a silver peace pendant hanging round his neck, it’s the summer of love and bunnies as we know love to spread their love……




Dandy kitty Muskat is 11 inches tall and created from long pure white wispy German mohair. He is five way cotter pin jointed . His sweet face has been needle and scissor sculpted, he has long nylon whiskers and a wired tail. He has bright green lime cats eyes which are glass, he has been hand shaded. His embroidered pussycat pink nose has been waxed and sculpted. He has waxed embroidered brown claws which compliment her violet velvet cashmere paw pads. He has been filled with polyester and weighted with shot.
Muskat wears a hand made hot pink pure silk dupion tailed coat lined with violet habouti silk. The sleeves are edged with pink braid and the jacket is adorned with glass buttons and purple satin hears. He wears a soft hand made lilac ruff around his neck. His hand made shoes are hot pink real leather finished with soft purple pom pom’s. Muscat wears a hand made purple glitter crown and carries a hand made glittering masquerade mask.
Muskat is one of a kind and comes with his certificate of authenticity.