Witchy Bears

Dusky_Pooks_pinkMabon_pinknpink bear hocus pocus

 It’s Halloween all year round in my house….Or should I say it seems that way. It’s my opinion that a witch bear is not just for Halloween, they need to be out and about all year long to fly their broomsticks and cast their playful spells….Question is are you brave enough to let these activity’s take place in your home??

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Cresenda Cauldron
Pretty Cresenda is 11 inches tall and created from hand dyed aqua blue German mohair. She is five way cotter pin jointed with a wobble joint neck. Her pretty face has been needle and scissor sculpted, her eyes are black glass, she has hand shading for an all over aged and loved look. Her embroidered chocolate nose has been waxed to match her waxed claws which compliment her aged cream velvet cashmere paw pads. She has been filled with wood wool and steel shot in her body and paws for a lovely teddy cuddle.
This stunning witches hand made gown has a violet shot silk dupion bodice decorated with antique applique, a black tulle layer skirt and finished with black crinkle silk rayon ribbons and finished with a vintage moon brooch. Cresenda’s hand made hat is created from violet silk shot and black organza finished with tulle, silk swarovski crystal peppered black rose and a lilac ostrich feather. She has her own hand made matching besom broomstick.
£290.00 Plus Postage